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Isabel Plana

Isabel Plana

Miami, FL
Isabel is making pet care affordable and accessible to all regardless of means.

Isabel is an engineer turned product-obsessed entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of SearchPaws, an online hub where pet parents can seek advice from reputable licensed pet care professionals at affordable rates. Through the platform, users can connect with professionals such as veterinarians and trainers through video calls that fit their schedules. Isabel has single-handedly built the product currently in the market, and it is the only platform where pet parents can seek advice for both training and health in one place. Isabel aims to make quality pet care affordable and accessible so pet parents are empowered to make the right decisions for their pets regardless of their means.

Isabel has significant experience in marketing and strategic business development. Prior to SearchPaws, she was a marketing manager at Wayfair, where she owned full-funnel strategy and analytics for a $400M retail brand. In this role, she worked to optimize spend for the full marketing portfolio as well as test into new digital channels for the business. Isabel launched her career at Accenture, where she supported cross-functional strategic engagements for clients, focusing on developing digital capabilities and increasing their operational efficiency.Outside of work, Isabel is passionate about education and mentoring girls in STEM. She tutors students in math and science and has been an MIT admissions interviewer for the last five years. Isabel holds a Chemical Engineering degree from MIT.

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