Marlyse Reeves

Marlyse Reeves

Boston, ma
Marlyse is passionate about using technology to address challenges faced by marginalized communities, specifically Black women in beauty and technology.

Marlyse, co-founder and COO of Hairtelligence, is excited by the intersection of tech and beauty. She is passionate about empowering women, especially Black women, to have the confidence to be their best selves. With a background in systems engineering and robotics, Marlyse sees the potential to streamline processes in the hair industry, making fabulous styles more accessible and affordable.

Marlyse is pursuing her PhD in computer science at MIT with a focus in robotics and autonomous systems. She received her B.S. in aerospace engineering from MIT in 2017. Marlyse loves mentoring and STEM outreach. She mentors an all-girls First Tech Challenge robotics team, the Winsor Wildbots. Marlyse's other hobbies include playing soccer, dancing, and reading science fiction.

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