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Alyse Nicole Dunn

Alyse Nicole Dunn

New York, NY
Visionaries 2021
Alyse is excited to create a world where caring for aging loved ones is easy. A world where enjoying our loved ones' final years is possible, instead of worrying about how to best care for them. CareCopilot, is making that world a reality; one city at a time.

Alyse Dunn is a New York City-based software engineer with a passion for solving challenging problems. Before starting CareCopilot, she was a senior software engineer at Venmo, where she wrote user-facing features for Venmo’s 100 million users, one of which was featured in TechCrunch.

Alyse started CareCopilot in 2020 with a simple mission: To help individuals who take care of their aging family members get the resources and support that they need. It’s a mission that was inspired by Alyse’s experience caring for her own aging parents, which she and her sister did for a total of 8 years. Alyse wakes up every day excited about the fact that future caregivers will have the tools that they need to relax and enjoy their aging loved ones, instead of worrying about how best to provide for them.

When Alyse isn’t working on CareCopilot, she enjoys going for long runs through New York City, experimenting with new recipes, and painting in her art studio.

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