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Christy Fernandez Cull

Christy Fernandez Cull

San Francisco, CA
VHLX 2022

Dr. Christy Fernandez-Cull is the CEO and founder of DaVinci Wearables. Previously she led the sensing and perception system’s teams at Waymo - formerly Google Self-Driving. She was also the Head of Sensors at Lyft Level 5 Self-Driving Division, leading sensor architecture for Lyft vehicle platforms — designing machine eyes to help transform transportation of the future. Prior to Lyft, she was a technologist at Apple spanning autonomous systems and the Camera and Depth Hardware team that released the first-of-kind Light Detection and Ranging module in the 2020 iPad. She has spanned both the development of Defense technologies at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and at-scale consumer-product technologies at Apple. She is a science advisor to multiple VCs and startups in the areas of sensors and systems for mobility applications  and autonomous vehicles. She received her MS and Ph.D. in Engineering from Duke University and MBA from MIT and enjoys mentorship and recruiting in STEM/STEAM.

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