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Gabriela Campoverde

Gabriela Campoverde

New York, NY
VHLX 2022
Gabriela wants to build products that will allow working-class, immigrant communities across the US build foundational wealth.

Gabriela Ariana Campoverde is from Queens, New York and darn proud of it. Growing up in a working-class, immigrant community, she understood early on that many services and products to manage and build wealth were not made with the needs of her community in mind.

Gabriela originally launched her career in marketing, working at a WPP agency. Outside of work she attended MeetUps all over New York City, and it was there that her curiosity with fintech first began. She pivoted her career into financial services and moved to American Express’s US consumer acquisition marketing team, a marketer’s dream. After building a strong foundation in product management there, she moved to a new challenge at Goldman Sachs to manage technical projects across Marquee Engineering. This role was thrilling for her, and she worked on projects, like site reliability engineering, customer service, and cybersecurity, which allowed Marquee to scale its services and onboard its first external clients.

Gabriela holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BA from Swarthmore College. She is currently working on her engineering masters from the University of Pennsylvania.

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