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Javier Correa

Javier Correa

New York, NY
Visionaries 2022
Our vision for Beacon is to allow anyone to move to a new city, where they know no one, and integrate into the community seamlessly. We want everyone to fall in love with the city of their dreams without the fear of experiencing loneliness.

After graduating from Cornell University, Javier joined Visible Hands VC as an Associate where he helped build the firm from idea to the point of running 5 accelerators in less than 2 years. Previously, he worked as a Private Banker for several boutique investment banks and Citibank in NYC. He then pivoted to Product Design where we designed for several startups. During the pandemic, he joined Visible Hands. After realizing the loneliness epidemic that arose during the pandemic wasn’t leaving, Javier made it his mission to address it. This led to the birth of Beacon.

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