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Joanna Linton

Joanna Linton

Philadelphia, PA
Visionaries 2021
Joanna strives to inspire moms to take care of themselves. Because taking care of yourself is taking care of your family.

Joanna Linton is the Founder and CEO of Rae’s Roots, a wellness tea brand that focuses on prioritizing mom’s wellness. Linton was inspired to launch her company after the birth of her second child - a time she admits was difficult physically and emotionally, “Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of motherhood is taking care of yourself. I truly didn’t know how to balance living for me versus living for my family."

Linton had previously worked in buying at Macys Inc and Urban Outfitters. At the time, Linton was on maternity leave from the outdoor brand she co-founded, United By Blue. She decided not to go back and instead pursue what would become Rae’s Roots.

“It was a really hard decision to leave a company that I essentially ‘birthed’, but having gone through such an emotionally challenging postpartum and learning the valuable lesson that I needed to care for myself before I could care for my family - I just strongly believed this message needed to be shared.”

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