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Juan Young

Juan Young

Los Angeles, CA
Visionaries 2021
Juan is aiming to close the network gap that makes building successful businesses more challenging, especially for entrepreneurs of color, women, and those from non-traditional backgrounds.

Juan Young is the CEO & Founder of Melanence. Juan is a social entrepreneur who is dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and uniting communities of color. Juan's "WHY" is to be a light for communities that are often overlooked, underestimated, and undervalued. Juan has spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector working with underserved communities. He has had the opportunity to work in different industries, but one thing remains the same, his steadfast commitment to leaving this world better than he found it.

Juan has extensive experience building and cultivating communities, specifically around the intersection of culture and entertainment. Juan built one of the largest food festivals in Southern California, focused on highlighting minority-owned businesses. There is no doubt that Juan understands the value of community and how the community can be the moat for Melanence.

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