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Leslie Winston

Leslie Winston

Richmond, VA
Visionaries 2022
Our mission is to transform reading into a community-focused experience. We aim to establish a more connected and informed global community of learners.

Leslie is a product-focused leader, with particular expertise in user research, UI/UX design, and business development. His formal education in architecture and computer engineering has enabled Leslie to craft technology-focused solutions at organizations such as Deloitte, Techstars, IDEO CoLab, and his own agency, Channel Zero, where he has designed applications for a variety of early-stage companies. One of the companies includes The Gift Fitness, a community-driven fitness platform that has handled more than $750k in GMV. Leslie has a passion for creating a more equitable future, as seen by his co-creation of the Low-Lit Toolkit at IDEO CoLab: a guide for creating effective application interfaces for low-literacy populations, which was ultimately adopted and expanded upon by Google’s Next Billion Users team. As the CEO of Monocle, Leslie’s focus is on reshaping how we connect with and learn from with each other through media, as the platform we rely on today have been proven to cause societal destruction such as polarization, loss of education, and ironically, social disconnection.

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