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Michelle Dalzon

Michelle Dalzon

Boston, MA
Visionaries 2021
Michelle is looking to be the go-to platform for shopping with Black-owned brands, and wants to create a space where Black businesses feel truly seen.

As the descendant of small business owners, Michelle envisions a world where Black brands thrive. She had the pleasure of watching her parents drive their small business to success despite having limited resources and exposure. Michelle spent 8 years working in corporate America at major media companies such as Time Inc., Turner Broadcasting, and Viacom within the marketing and advertising departments. She truly believes that every experience in her life has led her to her life's purpose.

Michelle's dream is to help Black business owners succeed by providing a platform which connects them to their intended consumers. At theBOM, she is creating a space where Black brands come first and conscious consumers can meet new brands they’re sure to love. Michelle's goal is to make sure every Black person has a place to shop within their community first, before having to search outside. All of the brands featured at theBOM sell high quality products and are accompanied by amazing founder stories. Michelle loves her community and her hope is that you’ll invest in a Black business today!

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