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Sergio Villasenor

Sergio Villasenor

Austin, TX

Over the last 12 years, Sergio Villasenor (@surgieboi) has specialized in consumer products; specifically, beauty & fashion, marketplaces & SaaS, focusing on brand & product marketing, with technical expertise in blockchain, eCommerce & financial services software; including, being published, "The International Expansion Playbook: A guide to launching a cross-border eCommerce brand" (2017). Additionally, Sergio co-invented the beauty trend “faux freckles”, NewBeauty Magazine’s Trendiest Product of the Year (2016), been a former member of Squares’ Technology Advisory team, and is a winner of multiple ProductHunt “Products of the Day” & Webby Awards. When Sergio not working on Drooler, you can catch him selling & live streaming on eBay, Instagram & WhatNot, as @surgieboi is also a 5-star seller in the Pokemon & sports card hobbies.

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