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We take a founder-first approach to investing in and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. To better serve the Visible Hands community we are establishing & cultivating relationships across various networks that will ensure founders feel seen, supported, and surrounded as whole people at every stage of their journey.

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Innovation Network

The Visible Innovation Network is a group of educational programs & organizations that focus on supporting overlooked founders, from ideation to IPO. Visible Hands partners with these organizations to provide meaningful capital to select participants of their programs.

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Corporate Angel Network

VH Corporate Angels is an Angel Investor training program for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and corporate partners. VH Corporate Angels exists to cultivate the next generation of diverse angel investors.


Angel Network

The Visible Angels Network is a community for angel groups to build meaningful relationships in the startup ecosystem, get resources & training, and invest in the talented, underrepresented founders at the earliest stage.

Mentor Network

The Visible Talent Network is a community of underrepresented subject matter experts in the startup ecosystem that works to ensure that members feel seen, supported & surrounded as they navigate their professional and entrepreneurial journeys.

Headshot of La Mer Walker
La Mer Walker

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Valence Community

Headshot of Robyn Glaser
Robyn Glaser

Senior Vice President
The Kraft Group

Headshot of Alex Roetter
Alex Roetter

Managing Director & Partner
Moxxie Ventures

Headshot of Devin Nash
Devin Nash

Head of Marketing
Underscore VC

Headshot of Dave Cotter
Dave Cotter

Chief Product Officer


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