Erica Lu

Erica is a Northeastern University student pursing a degree in Industrial Engineering with minors in Business Administration and Sustainable Business Practices. In her second year, she studied abroad at the London School of Economics where she further developed her thesis on the applicational biases of SROI and SCBA. Erica plans to travel again this summer – service farming and researching Climate Change & Arctic Ecology in Northern Europe. Currently, Erica is interested in impact investing and equity research, and she has passions in driving social justice.

At Visible Hands, Erica hopes to bolster the firm’s missions and build meaningful connections. Her values align with VH’s, as she wants to empower inclusivity and diversify opportunities. Prior to joining the team, Erica worked at McKinsey & Co as a NA Sustainability-focused Data Steward.

To destress, Erica is usually hiking, rock climbing, or hosting themed cooking nights with her friends. She enjoys playing board games, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants.