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Amirah Raveneau-Bey

Amirah Raveneau-Bey

San Francisco, CA
Visionaries 2021
Amirah aims to change how consumers use technology to manage one of the biggest assets many consumers will purchase in their lives, their homes.

Amirah is currently building a tech-enabled solution utilizing data and AI to empower homeowners to make managing their home easy. As a co-founder, she leads product vision, market research, testing, experimentation, and just about anything that needs to get done. She utilizes her fintech, real estate, and consumer network to understand trends and insights that will help influence her vision and the design of the product. Amirah continues to aggressively expand her network with industry leaders and within the founder/investor ecosystem so that she can quickly learn how best to build a company. Amirah also focuses on business development, recruiting, and preparation for fundraising.

Amirah’s past experiences leading go-to market teams at Opendoor, NerdWallet, Trulia and Citibank have enabled her to understand two clear opportunities. One, how homeowners should expect technology and the power of data to transform the way they interact with their home. Two, the importance of quickly scaling and building growth strategies has its advantages to drive a successful business. Her personal journey of being a homeowner for 17 years and living through a house fire enables her to understand how the complexities of a home, including the purchase, renovation, inspection, safety and management, can be overwhelming for consumers drove her to build a better solution.

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