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Bobbi Wegner

Bobbi Wegner

Boston, MA

Dr. Bobbi Wegner is an experienced psychologist, speaker, author, board member, and advisor focused on combining group psychology with workforce technology to help teams feel better, work better, and stay longer. She is the founder and CEO of Groops, a scalable Industrial-Organizational Psychology platform connecting experts in group psychology to virtual teams on an ongoing, affordable basis.  

She knows healthy cultures come from ongoing, guided conversations around the things that matter most to people across the organization. She teaches at Harvard University and has an expertise in group psychology and what drives human behavior. She teaches Groups & Culture, and Motivation.   Dr. Wegner speaks and writes internationally, has given 3 TEDx talks, and is widely published. She is on the parenting team at TODAY, is an expert with NBC News Learn, and has been featured on NPR multiple times. You can find her blog at Psychology Today. She often works with the media and private sector. Dr. Wegner is also a board member of USA for IOM (United Nations Migration Agency) with a focus on mental health.

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