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Ethan Phan

Ethan Phan

Jersey City, NJ
Visionaries 2022
Building the future of work and collaboration in the remote world.

Ethan is an engineer and entrepreneur passionate about helping people better collaborate in the future of remote work. Currently, he is working with his co-founder Megan on Plot, an all-in-one workspace for creatives to manage projects and teams.In his previous role, Ethan worked as a tech lead and engineer manager at TrialSpark, a tech-driven drug development startup aiming to deliver drugs to market faster and more efficiently by improving the clinical trial process. In 2020, Ethan helped build an electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) platform that helps run multiple remote studies including a Covid study conducted by Harvard University. He then led the patient recruitment team solving one of the most challenging problems in the clinical trial space. Through strong collaboration with partners and stakeholders in different departments, Ethan led the team to define and execute its vision allowing the team to successfully achieve 2x the recruitment speed in the subsequent study.Before TrialSpark, Ethan started his career at Microsoft where he played a role in the creation of the projection via a device technology patent.

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