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Jashin Lin

Jashin Lin

Boston, MA

Jashin Lin is currently a founder at Growbie, an adjunct lecturer at Boston University, and an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. Growbie is an impact-driven venture that unlocks career success for immigrants in America. Her goal is to place 300,000 jobs for immigrants in 5 years. Right now, Growbie is focusing on teaching international students how to network through courses, coaching, and community. Jashin is an immigrant herself; she came to the US when she was 16. Since then, she has been helping others in her community to unleash, transform, and thrive.  

Prior to HBS, Jashin worked at Corporate Development at TikTok as #3 hire on the team to bring joy and creativity to billions of users. She also worked as a management consultant at GEP servicing Fortune 500 companies to drive profitability and efficiency. In her spare time, Jashin enjoys travelling, hosting, and building communities.

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