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Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee

Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Lee, MS is the Chief Executive Officer of Relavo. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in
Biomedical Engineering (2019) and a Master of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
(2020) from Johns Hopkins University. Sarah has led Relavo’s work since its initiation in September
2017 as an undergraduate design team in the Biomedical Engineering department, of which she served as
the Team Leader and Project Manager. Under her leadership, Relavo raised nearly $2,000,000 in non-
dilutive funding, including a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I & II awards and the KidneyX
Redesign Dialysis Phase II award. Relavo’s work has also been recognized by the James Dyson Award,
VentureWell, the National Kidney Foundation, and numerous business plan competitions. Sarah also
holds personal ties to the dialysis space as her aunt receives chronic in-center hemodialysis and has seen
firsthand how infection risk can hinder dialysis patients’ ability to receive quality, at-home care.

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