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Starlitt Miller

Starlitt Miller

Columbia, SC
Visionaries 2021
Starlitt aims to identify the tech solution that will help small businesses operate and grow more efficiently.

Starlitt has spent the last four years trouble-shooting, implementing better practices, connecting existing tech solutions, and consulting with small businesses with the goal to help them save time and increase efficiency without sacrificing real financial data for their businesses. With a performing arts and accounting background, her perspective is both creative and analytical. She has worked to marry these two worlds during her career, which was one of the guiding forces that led her to entrepreneurship.

In her spare time, she enjoys DIY craft/decor projects, unplugging at a beach, traveling, connecting with others, participating in performing arts, having fun with her daughter, and sketching up dreams for the future. She is a creative and problem-solver by nature, so she is constantly looking for ways to creatively improve her surroundings (even when she is not consciously doing so). She is passionate about helping others learn more about who they are (their strengths, limitations, and gifts), so that they can thrive, give more to the world, and understand the power that the arts can provide to non-arts environments. If you happen to meet her, you will find a personable professional that is friendly and leans towards optimism.

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